Stiftskeller St. Peter  Foto: Kolarik Andreas

Year retrospect 2016 – an eventful year at the St. Peter’s Stiftskeller

3 February 2017

In addition to the major events such as the Salzburg Festival, the 200 year celebrations for the integration of Salzburg... read more ...


The St. Peter’s Stiftskeller – where dogs also feel good

3 February 2017

Dogs are becoming increasingly popular as human companions. In Germany, 8 million dogs inhabit the households. There are approximately 750,000... read more ...


Since 50 years a successful union – the Salzburg Easter Festival and the St. Peter Stiftskeller

3 February 2017

When the Salzburg Easter Festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary between 8th and 17th April 2017, it is also a... read more ...

Restaurant Stiftskeller Salzburg

New Year’s Eve in Salzburg and Gala at the St. Peter’s Stiftskeller

25 December 2016

The center of the old town of Salzburg is considered to be an excellent place for many visitors of the... read more ...


“Give us peace!” – 70 years anniversary of Adventsingen in Salzburg

23 December 2016

Since Tobi Reiser the elder founded in 1946 the “Adventsingen” it enjoys great popularity. With the opening of the Grand... read more ...


The world’s top horse riders at the Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg

22 December 2016

Numerous Olympic athletes and world champions such as Michael Jung, Alizée Froment and Dorothee Schneider presented their skills at Austria’s... read more ...

Restaurant St Peter Stiftskeller

The St. Peter’s Stiftskeller – the unique history of Salzburg’s culinary heritage, which is still alive at Europe’s oldest restaurant

12 December 2016

1.213 years have passed since the St. Peter’s Stiftskeller was officially mentioned the first time. Still, it is one of... read more ...


The St. Peter Stiftskeller was always known as the exquisite wine cellar of Salzburg – a 1200 year old tradition is now being revived

7 December 2016

  Claus Haslauer and Veronika Kirchmair are very aware of the tradition of the St. Peter Stiftskeller. To be the... read more ...

W. A. Mozart

Mozart Week 2017 – Haydn, Beethoven and Horses at the Felsenreitschule for Mozart’s Requiem

6 December 2016

The Mozarteum Foundation refers during the Mozart week between January 26 and February 5, 2017 at a very special tradition.... read more ...


How the St Peter Stiftskeller – the Restaurant – turns into a winter dreamland

30 November 2016

   On 17 November 2016 from 18:00 o’clock the Christmas world of the St Peter Stiftskeller opens its door for... read more ...